Friday, October 3, 2014

If Not Now...When?

If Not Now… When?
By Christine Kloser

Stuck like a bird in a cage.
Infinite potential, wings of glory.
Beauty to bestow, blessings to bring.

But a voice that says,
Conditions aren’t perfect… yet.
It’s not safe… yet.
It’s not time… yet.
I can’t fly… yet.

Believe that voice of fear?
Or believe the truth.

You’re ready when you CHOOSE to be.
Conditions will never be “perfect” (and that’s OK).
Support makes it SAFE.
It’s time when you SAY “It’s Time!”

Here’s to the voice of the TRUE you.
The ONE who has been called,
To liberate your message,
And fulfill your soul’s purpose.

Not someday.
Not when it’s convenient.
Not when it’s easy and no risk is involved.

This day can be THE day.
The day you say YES.
To you.
To your message.
To your life.
To your soul.
To being who you were BORN to be.

If not now, when?
The choice is yours.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's Your Calling &Will You Answer?

What's Your Calling & Will You Answer

By Irma Givens

          I have had the fortunate opportunity to talk to many people about their passion, purpose, and calling. Many are still in search of theirs and seem to struggle with the uncertainty of when they'll know what it is.  I use to try to explain it in a long drawn out fashion, but recently, I was in the audience as Oprah described it as the whisper that has been there all along. YES, that's it! I used to refer to it as the constant tapping on my shoulder.  I literally felt like a gentle tapping on my shoulder followed by the thought of that thing that I was born to do.  The amazing thing is no matter how far I drifted from my purpose/calling I would always feel that tapping again.

          What is it that has been whispering or tapping on your shoulder?  Have you been able to simply ignore it?  I never was able to ignore it because I believe the tapping gets louder, over time, the more you ignore it.  In the beginning God gives us subtle reminders that he has given us a gift and would like for us to use it.  Then we ignore those reminders for one reason or another, but he is extremely persistent.  He will not leave us alone. He continues to remind us and if we continue to ignore him he will create a situation that will stop us in our tracks.  This situation will cause you to take a seat, think, regroup, scratch our heads, shed tears and pause for extended periods of time.

          For some of us we hear the whisper early on and try to follow it, but when it doesn’t work out as we thought it should the first time, we become frustrated.  Frustration is not a reason to give up on your calling. Keep in mind that it may not have been your time then.  Perhaps, you needed additional preparation.  Continue trying that thing until you get it done. All we need we already have.  He has equipped us to do what he has called us to do.    

          Are you stuck in a job, marriage, relationship, city, home, etc. that is no longer fulfilling for you? Ask yourself some tough questions and listen to that whisper for guidance.  What is it that you love to do?  What is it that you’re really good at?  Figure out how to turn that into service to others and you will be well on your way. Do you think that college majors are holding some people back from their true calling?  A large number of people are unable to secure employment in their chosen major but have no idea how they can have a meaningful career outside of that major.  Its true folks, often times the path that we took was intended for us to learn some specific lessons.  However, it may not be the path you were intended to stay on.  Keep moving…life’s a journey!

          I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subject. Feel free to comment below. To inquire about events that I host or to book me for your next event, please email me at: or call 313-731-2464.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Take a Hard Look in the Mirror

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Something about Irma

Your favorite escape from reality: Sitting near the ocean

One thing you would change about the world: Erase homelessness, hunger & hatred

What do you dislike about your appearance? My bald spot

The worse idea you ever had: To stay in a dead relationship

What do you really believe? I believe that I can leave the world a better place

Your favorite animal: Dogs

Your favorite food: Cornbread dressing & turkey (I’m getting hungry! J)

Your favorite form of exercise: Speed walking

Least favorite food: Okra

Pet peeve: Wasting time or tardiness

Favorite sport: Drag racing followed by basketball & football

Something that causes you to walk away: Negative people

Hobbies:  Gardening, reading, writing, decorating, landscaping, traveling & photography

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Santa's Undies Might Be in a Bunch, But He's Jolly

Santa's Undies Might Be in a Bunch, But He's Jolly
By Irma Givens

The stats prove that the number of people struggling with depression, during the holiday season, is extremely high.  Could it be the result of family members who have died before us, the cost of the holidays and the economy or perhaps it's our expectation of what it felt like as a child.  The answer could be one, some or all of those mentioned.  As children, it's the best time of the year.  The shopping is not our duty, paying the bills is not our responsibility but the magic of it all belongs to every child leading up to that special moment on the morning of December 25th each and every year.  Well, as adults it plays out a little differently.

Once you become an adult, the magic somehow starts to fade.  Your focus is no longer on the jolly guy in the big red suit for you've now met him.  You understand the story behind it all and for many you wish to simply put Christ back into Christmas and dismiss all the hassle and headache of shopping, wrapping and eventually paying for gifts.  Once you reach a certain maturity you begin to understand there are some things that are far more important than material goods.

During down economic times, especially, people are forced to make some sacrifices and a large number of consumers are still spending more than they can afford only to please everyone on Christmas day.  The children would be disappointed not to receive gifts.  However, these "grown folks" need to step up and say this year we cannot do what we have done so many years before.  We need to come up with a new way to express our love and gratitude this year.  Who knows you might just be starting a new family tradition among the adults in the family.

Just like Santa, in the photo above, check your pockets and if the only thing you feel are your undies bunched in your rear, straighten them out, smile and be jolly...this too shall pass!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!  May the holiday season be filled with peace, love, happiness and prosperity. Don't let anyone or anything take the joy out of the season.